This is one of the most rewarding program that Share in Asia has. Every month about 200 widows 9 different centers receive support. They have no jobs or not able to work at all. They have been kicked out of their houses by mean children due to compelling poverty in their own homes. You will find it very rewarding to know that these widows are prayer warriors. Several businesses and churches have come forward to sponsor these widows for $100 a month and receive lots of prayer on their behalf. We provide a picture of the church congregation, the pastor or the business family for the widows to lay hands and pray for the blessings, prosperity and good health. This is their calling and they love to come and pray. These widows get together and pray for the nations of the world and especially the sponsors who donate funds for them.

The support that Share In Asia gives each month includes Groceries like rice, lentils, oil, flour and other basic necessities like soap and oil etc...Also, sometimes we give cash in their hands so that they can buy what they need.

Some of these widows have been chased out of their families because they are burden to the family. While thousands of widows wonder the streets of India and beg, several Christians widows have been adopted by the church to provide food and shelter. We hope you will join us in supporting these widows.

You can become a sponsor of widows. Please contact our offices so that we can send you a picture of a widows center that you will be sponsoring. Once we receive your information and support, we will then forward the picture that you will send us to the widows. Once this happens, they will start praying for you.

We still need support for 4 widows centers. Please consider sponsoring a widows center.
Widow Care
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