Tailoring Machine for Mrs. James

Share In Asia has donated sewing machines to the rural women who have no jobs and no income. They are completely dependent on their men for their living. To help create job opportunities for them and make their own income, sewing machines were given to a few women who are making a living out of it.

A Tailoring school was started in December 2004 at Udumalpet wherein around 20 students come and learn Tailoring. They become small scale women entrepreneurs who start their own Tailoring shop. They thus earn some income for their family.

“The Sewing Machine is a great help to us. I am stitching pillow covers, bed covers, sofa covers, curtains, table cloth and dresses for children. I get Rs.500/- every month through the sewing machine. That money is useful in paying the school fees for my children. I also stitch uniform for my children and edge the Indian sari and I get some money out of it. I am also learning to make churidhar, trousers and shirts with the help of this machine. I believe that when I finish learning it, I will get some more stitching orders and that I can make more money for my family. I remember the sponsors with gratitude for your valuable help”, shares Percia Rani, who received Sewing Machine from Share In Asia in December 2003.
Sewing for Women in Poverty
A student at work
Craftwork done by the students of the Tailoring school at Udumalpet
Tailoring Machines that were donated
Tailoring school at Udumalpet
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