Share In Asia has been working since 1996 on several projects the highlights being that of  supporting Children through Family Care Program, and raising orphaned children in homes. Old women have been cared for by housing them in some places, and providing them monthly help. Lepers have been cared for by providing them groceries, and houses and medical help. A public school with 600 poor children has been supported to give them wholesome education. During the years around 20 Tailoring machines have been purchased for poor women to ensure a career for them. Scholarship has been given to around 10 students of medicine and engineering. More than 5 commercial slave workers from Mumbai have been rescued and rehabilitated. A baby which would have met with certain death was rescued and is raised in one of our homes. She is called Baby Ruth and is now going to be 2 years old.

Other than this over 100 motorbikes have been purchased for social workers, more than 40 community halls have been built throughout India. Medical help has been rendered to several who were in need. Eye operations, cancerous leg operation have been carried out.

Thousands are benefited through these projects.
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Share In Asia