We rely on people just like you that become partners and help support the cause of children, women, lepers, orphans, scholarships and various other projects. Please consider becoming a sponsor of Share in Asia. If you donít feel like giving monthly, please consider giving a onetime gift. Our records indicate that we spend 95% of the funds for the intended puproses. You can be confident that our overhead expense is kept to a minimum. Our office is operated pro-bono with no renting or leasing. Please be assured that the funds are spent appropriately and it is audited by a CPA for accuracy and integrity. Thanks for donating to Share in Asia. We appreciate your generosity.
How to Partner with SIA?
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Sponsor a child:   $300 a year
Sponsor a leper family:   $300 a year
Sponsor a widows center:   $1200 
(10 - 15 widows per center)
Sponsor the public school:   Any amount
Sponsor a sewing machine:   $125
Sponsor a medical camp:   $250 
(helps 300 people with free initial medical check)
Sponsor a computer for a school:   $500