Three orphan homes are supported by Share In Asia.

The Orissa Boys Home:

17 children live in this home. The home was founded in 2004. Mr.Piyush Ranjan and his wife are the home parents. The boys are well taken care of. The older boys have their own bicycles and go to school cycling. 3 of the boys have joined job training college this year and in 2 years time will have a diploma in fitters (Working with Iron and Steel).

They are brought up in good moral and hygenic environment. They hope to be placed as engineers someday.
Orphan Care
The Tusnami Relief Home, Sirkali:

25 children live in this home. The home was founded after the dreadful Tsunami waves washed away the lives and dreams of the little children in December 2004. Most of the children lost their parents, siblings and their hosues and were devestated. Their lives were destroyed altogether.

But in attempt to rehabilitate them, the Tsunami Relief Home in Sirkali was started and the boys and girls were given food, shelter and sent to the schools for education. A comfortable home was built for them in Sirkali. Home parents, Paul and Jayaseeli, take care these children. The older children have completed schooling and gone back to some relatvies.
The Gifted Children Home, Udamalpet:

The gifted Children Home, was begun in Udamalpet in 2007 to take special care of the orphan children from different areas. Some of them are from the Tsunami affected areas. Here they are given special attention and trained in arts, crafts, singing and dancing. All the children go to good English medium school. The home parents are Dr. and Mrs. Jayakumari, who take great interest in the welfare of the Children.
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