It is in our heart to reach out to the suffering and those in need. So everytime there is a disaster our staff and volunteers rush to the place and provide immediately relief and also plan a long term solution to the victims of the disaster.

Our President Pastor Andrew Prakasam, visited the earthquake hit Gujarat in February 2001, and provided immediate relief for the victims who were homeless, jobless and foodless.

In December 2004, the Tsunami badly struck the southern coastal regions of Tamil Nadu and in a week's time our volunteers rushed to the places affected with relief material like food, clothing, beds, pillows and other material needed. Also 2 Tusnami homes - one for the boys and one for the girls, who were orphans were begun.

In January 2005, cyclones hit 10 districts in Tamil Nadu, which were affected with heavly rainfall, were villages with huts were submerged in water for several days.  Here again immediate relief was given to the victims who were affected. New huts were built for those in need.

In April 2006, a fire incident devastated a village in Nagapattinam, due to an electric transformer blast where more then 265 huts were burnt. So relief was given to them and some of the huts were re-built so the families could begin to live there agian.

In March 2011, a fire incident destroyed 700 huts in the refugee camp in Nepal. A relief amount was given to each family to combat the situation and restore the living of the people in the camps.

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