Tiruvarur Fire Incident

The fire accident occurred at Nagapattinam town near the Harbor slum area at 6:30 in the Evening on 22nd April 2006, where 285 huts were destroyed. The people who lived in these huts were already affected by the Tsunami. When these people relaxed after the heavy toll of the tsunami attack, they were shockingly hit by the floods. A third attack was that of the fire, over the same victims. In this fire accident one old woman of 72 years died. The cause of the fire was under investigation as said by the police but they are suspecting that it could have been due to the electric transformer blast. Material loss is the major result of the fire accident.

This accident affected our church believers also. At present the affected 7 Believers are staying in the Tiruvarur church hall. For two days they were fed by the church. These people used to sell dry fish in the market area, but now the government has ordered these people not to sell fish. So, some of them are affected both physically and mentally. These people, who have lost their huts and their belongings, were already affected by the Tsunami. Some of the huts have been built by a social welfare organization in the Tiruvarur District.

The 7 church believers whose houses have also been burnt down, have no other way out. They require relief material and also huts to live in. It would cost around Rs.5000 to put up huts for them again.
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