Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Report

(Last Updated on March 6, 2006)

Introduction about the flood

The rainwaters caused an emergency situation in Tamilnadu and the province of Tamilnadu have not had these kinds of rains for the last 120 years. In Chennai alone, heavy damages were caused to property and livestock. In the beginning of December 2005, cyclones emerged one after another in the Bay of Bengal, which resulted in continual lashing of non-stop rains in more than 15 districts of Tamilnadu.

Heavy rains have caused the flooding of riverbeds, canals and all ponds and lakes in the district and as a result they have overflowed into the villages and cities in addition to the rainwater. So more than 2500 villages have been totally submerged under water for several days. Sewage water mixed with rainwater, and has added health hazards to the people.  People had to walk in knee-deep level water and they had to live on the top of their mud roofs. They had no clean water to drink, no place to go to toilets, no food to eat.  Because of the heavy flow of water, snakes, crocodiles and other poisonous insects were swimming in the water and they entered into the houses of the people for shelter. Tamil Nadu has recorded an astounding 200 mm of rain during this season.

Aid from Share In Asia

Share In Asia stepped forward to help the 10 districts, which are the most affected, by floods in TamilNadu. Pastor Andrew Prakasam visited India in January 2006 and was touched by the impertinent needs of the flood victims and generously granted Rs.2 Lakhs for the immediate relief of the flood victims. Unable to tolerate the inconvenience of the victims suffering due to the intensity of the floods, he appealed to benevolent Sponsors, and Donors.

The country of India, especially the state of Tamil Nadu is very thankful to The City Church, Seattle Washington, and the Senior Pastors, Wendell and Gini Smith who were Godís instruments in providing help and shelter thus helping them restart their lives. They have donated a sum close to Rs.30 Lakhs towards the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief. As on date 596 new huts for the Believers have been rebuilt, 14 Churches have been reconstructed in various places and 2 Pastorsí houses which were totally damaged in the flood have been repaired. Many more houses and churches are being rebuilt and repaired and their reports are coming to our office at Coimbatore everyday.

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