Pastor Raju Writes: (Has not been edited) Pastor I have a prayer request that yesturday on 22 march one of the refugee came has burnet out. it is Goldhap camp where around 20,000 refugees are taking shalter. The fire was caught around 8am and just within 2hours the camp is finished. As you have seen that the huts are kept so closed to each other the people couldnot get time even to take their materials out. most of the people are with only what they have weared. Around 700 huts are burnet out compeletly. Now the people are helpless and homeless. As I heard the news I couldnot stay and I went there and saw, really it was miserable, my heart cried on them. I wailed around and prayed. I also meet lot of believers too in the same condition and they are in horrible condition.........and after some hours again got the news that another camp (Pathari camp) also burnet out. there around 200 huts are burnet. As they are in such a condition lets join our hands and pray for help from the Almighty God. Now iam trying to collect the number of christian people so that I am my family can share what I have as they are in need very much.if it is possible and if you want we also can visit there and for for them. here I have allached some of the pictures please find it. Thanks In His service
Raju and family
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