-  Contribute to general economic and social development in Anakatti
-  Help the Anakatti tribals in building up an exceptable life standard based on their specific cultural background

-  Establish Career education for young adults (school drop outs age 18 to 30)
- Support
     -  Establish own business;
     -  Seeking job in factories in the suburb;
     -  Integration training and trainees in own tribal culture
- In the hills of the Western Ghats
- Moderate to cold climate (winter)
- 35 km from the city of Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
- Biotope of wild animals and elephants
    (anai = elephant, katti = home)
- 56 villages with ascendants of the original irla tribe
Social situation:
- One century back main population in the area around the city of Coimbatore
- Oppressed by civilizaton as untouchables and forced backed into the surrounding hills
- High school drop out rate

Economic situation:
Average Monthly wages approx.15 / 1000 INR
Fields of education
- Fashion design/garment making
- Computer application
-  Catering assistant
-  Mechanical (fitting/lathe)
-  House electrician (mobile repairs/tv assembling & servicing)

Life skills
- Interpersonal relationships
- Communication
- Hygiene, food and health
- Basic computerskills

Course duration
- 1 academic year from July till May, internship during the month of June
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- Sponsor Anakatti Career College
Tribal College, Anakatti
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